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                            Esther McDonough, LCSW

Hello working  in private practice, conducting session in a relaxed, hopeful environment.  I received my MSW from Indiana University Northwest School of Social Work in 2006. Currently licensed  as a LCSW in Florida and a qualified supervisor for Clinical Social Work interns.

                       Therapy that brings hopefulness                           

Therapy by the beach takes an approach by assisting people and supporting people to navigate through  the storms of life. Recognizing that people can stumble on pieces of  left-over shipwrecks or just get blinded when looking into the sun. Are you  experiencing symptoms, crashing, or just trying to keep your head above the water, contact us. 


 Treatments include the following, but not limited to;

ADHD, Bipolar, Mood Disorders, Associative Disorders, PTSD,  Autism, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders, Childhood Disorders, Sexually Reactive.

Children, Family, Couples, and Group Counseling.

                            Esther McDonough MSW, LCSW

Hello my name is Esther McDonough I have been in the mental health field for over 25 years.

I first worked as a behavior specialist for an agency in Indiana,  LCAR I worked in their group homes, independent living, and in their workshops. I received my MSW from Indiana University Northwest School of Social Work in 2006. I then worked as a mental health therapist first at the Suncoast Center, in St. Pete's,  Florida. Then as a therapist in child welfare at KVC in Kansas City. I then worked as a therapist at a mental health agency in Michigan City Indiana, the Madison Center.  Since 2010 I have been in private practice first in Missouri.  At that time I also worked as a contract therapist with TRI County mental health, in addition I sat on the dialect behavior consultation team for Clay County.  I am currently in private practice and have been located in Cape Coral Since 7 2013.  I have trained in solution focus therapy, cognitive therapy , and dialectal therapy.  


Bringing Change: 

Working through negative narratives people hold about themselves by challenging  people's beliefs about themselves or roles asserted over them by others. If you want a refreshing  positive approach  to bring about change, contact us for an initial session.