Give mom a call, if your mother is not Belle Gunness. Sadly there are some women who have been evil, even killing their own children.

But one of the saddest scenarios I find as a therapist is when grown children distant their selves from their mother and refuse to 

maintain a relationship with her .

Children and mother’s relationships can be very complex. And although from the time of our birth we seek our mother as the target of our affection and the person that can meet our needs, we also have a compelling desire to distance ourselves from her, to find self.

Many times as an adult we are left with disappointments and we compare our mothers to other mothers ,believing at times that the other mother is a perfect ‘mother’: most likely not true at all.

I know I had a wonderful mother, did she make mistakes yes but I loved her deeply. She was so giving and nonjudgmental. As a little girl, I often had boo-boos but just one kiss from her would magically make the pain disappear.

I wish my mother was here today so I could call and talk with her. But sadly she is no longer here. If your mother is living, what a blessing and an opportunity to increase your relationship with her, and a chance to mend hurts and misunderstandings.

Mothers are usually very good confidants, great cheerleaders, and a source of an incredible amounts of information: coming from the only original perspective of your mother.